Hi, my name is Grada Snijder
Harmony in use of color, good workmanship and quality. That is central to my art and I want to let people enjoy it again and again.

You still have an empty spot in your house that you don’t really know what you want with it. You buy something at a large residential boulevard to fill up the place. It fills up the empty space in your house, but it doesn’t actually suit you. There is a good chance that you will get rid of the item after a while and buy something instead that you are not entirely happy with.

How it can be
You buy a beautiful work of art. It is a somewhat larger investment, but every time you look at it it makes you happy again. Because you appreciate the craftsmanship, the beauty flatters your eyes and because you feel that it was made especially for you! You have something unique that you enjoy time and time again and that gives you energy again and again.

A little more about me
I live in Amsterdam Southeast. I enjoy the cosiness that the city offers and the beauty of nature outside Amsterdam. I dream of one day living in a characteristic, attractive house, in the center of Amsterdam or in the middle of nature.